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Classic unit that has been made by many different companies. Bird of Prey by Lyte Quest and Agressors. (nearly identical) Units feature 2 X 120 volt 300 watt 64514 lamps that rotate to the beat of the music. Great, SUPER BRIGHT, output!

Two of the units need new bulbs. The other two have been used periodically over the last couple of years. They’re covered in scratches, and some of the colored lenses have slipped out of their holders. I have a bag of extra glass lenses that will go with whichever units need them. A coat of black spray paint and these things would be solid 8 out of 10s.

Overall, I’ve loved these things. They light up the largest dance floors and never seemed to need a break.


Condition: 6 out of 10. Scratches.

QTY Available: 4

Asking Price: $15 each ($50 for all 4!)

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Double Den 600W Aggressors